Plant based recipes that are easy to make, wherever you may be.

a cupcakes with chocolate toppings on top

Vegan Banana Walnut Muffins

These Vegan Banana Walnut Muffins Are Delicious And Easy To Make In A Hurry It’s a bright, beautiful morning here at Spruce Woods Provincial  Park.  I am going to cross the border today, and I can’t bring any fresh produce. But I still have a ton of bananas, plums avocados (and one potato) to eat, …

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The Best Hummus Recipe Ever: You’ll Never Go Back To Buying Hummus

You’ll Never Go Back To Buying Hummus After you try this outrageously delicious and simple hummus recipe, you probably won’t want to eat store-bought hummus again. It’s creamy and smooth with just the right garlicky tanginess. This versatile chickpea dip can serve as a sandwich spread as well as being an irresistibly delicious dip for …

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My Favourite Chai Spice Tea Recipe

My Favourite Chai Spice Tea Recipe This chai spice tea recipe is made with anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic ingredients.  If you drink it regularly it will help relieve inflammation such as arthritis, or stiffness as it relaxes the mind while you enjoy it’s unique chai flavours.  Ginger root has a whole host of proven health benefits that you …

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brown mushrooms in stainless steel bowl

Chanterelle Mushrooms Pasta Sauce

Chanterelle mushroom season is upon us here on Vancouver Island. That means I am taking my travelling companions into the forest to reap this golden chanterelle bounty. If you need help identifying chanterelles, click here for a great article. You should always double check with someone in the know if you aren’t 100% sure. You …

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Grilled Mushrooms Recipe:

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms I’m excited ’cause it’s almost mushroom season on the coast. This is another amazing vegan recipe that anyone will love, even if you don’t do plant based. This delicious grilled mushroom recipe is made with portobello mushrooms, but trying it with bolete mushrooms is on my culinary bucket list. The secret is …

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Bannock: The Best Recipe Ever

Are you ready to have something better than bread for breakfast or a sandwich?   When you are camping do you want to feed your kids something more nutritious than a hotdog or marshmallow, that can be roasted on a stick or even in a pie iron over a campfire?  Well, don’t panic, there’s bannock!