Full time RV living: Small Spaces, Big Plans

“The rose Dawn might have found them weeping still had not grey-eyed Athena slowed the night when night was most profound, and held the Dawn under the Ocean of the East. That glossy team, Firebright and Daybright, the Dawn’s horses that draw her heavenward for men- Athena stayed their harnessing.”

― Homer, The Odyssey

So, before I left my farm to the buyers, I had to spend time arranging to get the Arfpod ready for full time RV living and road trip adventures. I added paintings, shelving and baskets and I worried about how I would properly care for my 3 pointers and my corgi mix, Alice. Especially since one of the pointers (Annie) loves nothing better than going on unauthorized, independent bird finding missions. Annie is a work in progress who is getting better with more training.

Weird stuff

After years of farm life, I would need to buy poop bags. I also changed the dogs to a dehydrated diet that would take up less space than the kibble they had always had. The dogs started on NRG dehydrated dog food about 3 weeks ago, and the difference in their coats and energy levels is amazing. Fabulous Earl (the big 11 year old German Shorthaired Pointer) has lost weight and is acting like a younger version of his elder self.

Full time RV Living requires lots of adjustments

I am sure the dogs now think I am quite off my rocker now, as I follow every one of their leashed walk poops with a desperate struggle to open a bag for collection and transport back to the garbage bin that Helen has set out for us. When I stoop to collect one such offering in a bag, Earl makes sure he gets as far away as his leash will allow. “Oh boy, here she goes again!”

A few things that helped us adjust to full time RV living

Each of the dogs have a Ruffwear Sunshower rain jacket and a Ruffwear Climate Changer sweater. I have found this helps to keep the Arfpod dry and well, less doggy than it would otherwise be. A Bath and Body WOrks Cinnamon Caramel Swirl Candle helps too!

The Arfpod has a Fantastic Fan that helps to take moisture out of the Arfpod too. I also run a small Probreeze dehumidifier, which helps to take a bit of moisture out. It’s amazing how much moisture one human and 4 dogs can create by breathing in just a few hours. So moisture removal is important. As soon as I find them I will be putting desiccant packs in the cabinets too.

Fabulous Earl the German SHorthaired Pointer Barrel Walking.

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  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’ll be retiring in January and am going to be selling my house to buy a truck and trailer…I’ve been looking at the r-pods and was wondering what you think? I believe I’ll be going with the rp192…thank you for all of your comments, am taking notes! It’s going to be me and my pup Shaggy

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