Adventures and adjustments

Why cover the same ground again? … It goes against my grain to repeat a tale told once, and told so clearly.” Homer, The Odyssey

I am now a week into my little adventure. The dogs are adjusting well and I am managing to adjust to a new routine that involves leash walking the 4 of them several kilometers before I have my morning coffee. A week ago I would have scoffed at the notion. We are still doing dog adventures with our regular pack in the mid-day. But every morning off, the five of us go. Helen is kind enough to let me use a fenced yard on her property to do trick training and each dog continues with daily tricks sessions.

Downsizing for adventures

I downsized a lot of stuff before I left my home for good. Without the house, there was an awful lot of stuff I could get rid of. We humans are like pack rats, and although I was never one to collect anything in particular, I learned there was alot that I owned simply because I needed it for the care and operations of a house. I sold, gave away or threw out a tonne of furniture and crap. I distilled my life down to what I basically needed. Family, Friends, Dogs and Training equipment, Art, Books, Bicycles and of course the basic necessities of life, food and a very basic and packable wardrobe. What I was left with fits into an 8×12 foot storage locker where it will mostly stay until the big move happens in the Spring, when the mountain passes are not as daunting.

I brought a small selection of brushes, paper, an easel and I will pick up a watercolour palette when I get a chance. I paint in acrylics and I haven’t painted with watercolours for years, but the fast drying medium lends itself to slow and interesting journeys. And here I find myself.

What do I need anyway?

Everything in the Arfpod has to have a purpose. I imagine it’s a bit like living on a sailboat that way. There are new questions to ask when purchasing anything, but the most important one is: “How will it fit?” Buy a new jacket, get rid of a jacket. Buy a dog toy? One goes into storage for a while…Get another dog? Nope.

Anyhoo, it turns out I don’t need a lot of things to be happy. Give me art to feed my soul, and some good food to feed my belly, warm shelter over my head, a comfy bed to sleep in, family, friends, and a few good dogs by my side.

Good scotch is good for adventures

One thing I have been contemplating getting for the Arfpod is a bottle of Shelter Point Distillery‘s Dark Oak casked Scotch. Good Scotch is a meditation in and of flavours that evoke the best days in life . It’s symphony of natural flavours should always be savoured in contemplative sips. Good Scotch whiskey is a spiritual experience that goes perfectly with warm campfires and ocean sunsets. Neat. And it really doesn’t take up much space….

2 glasses with scotch whiskey and a sunset.

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