RV Kitchen Gadgets that make camp meals wonderful

RV Kitchen Gadgets That Make Camp Meals Wonderful

RV Kitchen gadgets that make camping meals wonderful
Photo by Tim Douglas on Pexels.com

RV Kitchen Gadgets that Make Camp Meals Wonderful: My 3 Favourites

Not gonna lie: Cooking in the small space of the Arfpod can be a challenge at times. I think with the propane stove top in the closed position, I have all of 3 feet of counter space to prepare meals. Plus the table. But you can’t keep a good cook down. With the right tools for the job, amazing things are possible.

There are 3 kitchen tools I can’t live without for cooking delicious meals in the small space of the Arfpod. These kitchen gadgets don’t take up much space. But more importantly, they make it possible to put together meals that are easy and absolutely delicious.

Instant Pot Pressure cooker

Favourite Kitchen Gadget #1: 6 qt Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot is so handy. My kids got it for me for Christmas a few years ago. It seems to me that every day I learn to make something else I really like in it. It’s so versatile too! I can make everything from fantastic pasta dishes to popcorn and everything in between. Cooking food in the instant pot melds all the flavours together perfectly. Weather permitting, I can save space by cooking under my outdoor living room under the awning. Either way, all the steam from cooking get vented outdoors instead of adding to the humidity in the trailer.

Favourite Kitchen Gadget #2: Air Fryer Lid Attachment

As if the Instant Pot wasn’t handy enough. They came out with an air fryer lid that can be placed on the Instant Pot to air-fry or bake anything to perfection. The addition of an air-fryer lid attachment has even made it possible to bake pretty decent bread in the instant pot. I’m still working on the bread recipe, but it’s getting there. So farm bread turns out fluffy on the inside with a nice, evenly golden crust. The christening tradition with the R-Pod trailers is to bake a batch of cinnamon buns in the Rpod’s really cool combination convection and microwave oven. It’s been 2 years and I still haven’t done it. Last time I got into baking cinnamon rolls, I gained a bunch of weight. Cinnamon rolls are like that for me. But the Airfryer lid attachment has me considering making a batch- just to see….

geyser pot with cup of coffee placed on table in kitchen
Photo by Zen Chung on Pexels.com

Favourite Kitchen Gadget #3: Moka Pot

The RV kitchen gadget #3 spot is really almost a toss-up between my cast iron frying pan and the little Moka Pot that has faithfully supplied me with fast, amazing espresso for 2 years now. When I was considering a coffee-maker for the Arfpod, I knew my beloved Bodum would eventually bring me the heartache that comes with a cracked glass carafe. I didn’t want something that would draw electricity on those occasions when I’m not hooked up to shore power. The Moka Pot is basically a little percolator, so it doesn’t require paper filters, and the coffee basket doesn’t require an awful lot of water to wash either. I’ve used the Moka Pot over the campfire, and on my propane stove.

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