“Avoid speaking moistly”-Justin Trudeau

About that pandemic: It’s been about 2 months of social distancing and isolation and waiting in long lines to get into stores on weekly grocery trips. A lot of otherwise intelligent people are starting to take conspiracy theories about Covid 19 seriously after watching a really shady, but professionally produced documentary called “Plandemic”. I watched about half of it out of curiosity. The documentary is about as truthful as a National Enquirer article. Especially if you do preliminary research any of the protagonists. And by protagonists, I mean, Judy Mikovits. Holy smokes, the documentary makes the point that she was arrested without charges, and then bypasses the fact she was actually caught stealing from the lab she was fired from. According to WIkipedia:

Judy Anne Mikovits is a discredited American ex-research scientist who is known for her anti-vaccination activism, promotion of conspiracy theories, and scientific misconduct. She has made discredited claims about vaccines, coronavirus, and chronic fatigue syndrome. Wikipedia

Unfortunately I have to say I get it: After months of hiding out at home, staying away from family, friends and the work they normally do to pay the bills, people are so desperate for things to get back to some form of normalcy that they are willing to believe whatever it takes to get them there. As if belief (like prayers) alone will do it.

Anything to get to get the kids back in school, go to the gym, the dentist, to work, or shopping. To go out for a beer with the guys or order a double double with a Maple Creme donut INSIDE a Tim Hortons. This is life as we have never known it and the novelty is wearing off for many of us. There is always someone around who wants to take advantage of whatever moment of weakness they can get to sell their ideas.

The world economy is teetering on the brink of the biggest collapse in a long time. Business are struggling or have already gone belly up in spite of lavish governmental supports by Federal and Provincial governments. It is sure going to be a bumpy ride before we get out of this. Many people are going to be facing huge payments on deferred mortgages and rent payment when they can go back to work. I am guessing the economic impact is going to drive the demand for money up, which will cause a spike in interest rates, and a resulting spike in bankruptcies. We are in for a wild, wild ride. Hold onto your face masks, kids.

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