Must Have Dog Accessories For RV Road Trips

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The right dog accessories for RV road trips make RVing hassle-free, fun and fantastic! Photo from Shutterstock

14 Must Have Dog Accessories For RV Road Trips

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Dogs are an important part of our lives, and many RVers make their pets a part of family vacations. If you have a dog, he should be able to join in on road trips in the RV with everyone else in the family. That being said, there are some dog accessories for RV life that can greatly improve RV road trips with your dog. It’s not about buying a bunch of random stuff for your dog either. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I’m all about simplicity. Experiences over stuff. After all, stuff is a hassle in an RV since it needs to be packed, and stored in the RV. That being said, there are dog accessories I wouldn’t do without when I am traveling with my dogs in the RV. Here’s a list of 14 of my must-have dog accessories for RV road trips.

14 Essential Dog Accessories for RV Road Trips

Not gonna lie- there are times when traveling with pets presents some big potential challenges. Especially if we aren’t prepared. Injuries, lost dogs, and wanton RV destruction by bored dogs are among the awful things that can happen if we don’t prepare our pets and RVs for travel. Not to mention having to deal with the mess that any dog can bring into the RV. Luckily, there are lots of products that help to eliminate these potential challenges. Over my last 4 years of full time RV life, with my beloved dogs, I’ve found 14 products that are so useful for living in an RV with dogs that I wouldn’t be without them.

These Dog Accessories Help To Keep The RV Clean

Microfibre door mat

A long time ago when I bought my rPod, a friend gifted me a microfibre doormat with a picture of a pointer on it. It proved indispensable for catching and containing moisture, mud and sand from muddy paws. I now have it by the door of my Fleetwood Southwind. Click here to find one on Amazon.

Ruffwear dirtbag dog towel on white background.

Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel

The Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel is nothing short of brilliant. The inner layer is made of hyper-absorbant microfibre towel and the outer shell keeps all the wet mess trapped inside this oversized dog coat. That means it stays off the surfaces in your RV or vehicle. But the Dirtbag’s benefits don’t stop at drying your dog and keeping the doggy scented mess contained. The Dirtbag is fuss free. It washes well in a machine and hangs to dry in no time Like everything US based Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear makes, it’s made with outstanding attention to detail and overall quality. At $135 the Dirtbag isn’t dirt cheap. However it is a great value. And oh-so invaluable on those days when mud puddles just come out of nowhere. Click here to get one.

3 pray bottles on white background

Keep A Spray Bottle And Towel By The Door

A little trick I learned is to keep a spray bottle by the door to spray filthy paws with. I fill it with water, add a tablespoon of hair conditioner, and give it a good shake. When we’re in a muddy place (like the prairies in early summer) I use it to easily spray muddy paws before they can track mud into the RV. The small amount of conditioner helps the mud slide off without being irritating to delicate skin. Towel dry and you’re done, with a minimum of fuss.

Cordless Vacuum

A good cordless stick vacuum is essential for keeping dog hair, dust and dander under control in the RV. When it’s not in use, a cordless vacuum can be mounted on a wall while it recharges. I love my lightweight Dyson V8 Animal vacuum for its power and ability to clean anywhere. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have survived without it. Admittedly, the Dyson cost a lot more than other cordless stick vacuums but in my opinion, it’s earned its keep. Click here to find one for your RV.

Dog Accessories For RV Safety

Dog First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit for your pet is an easy way to ensure that you have the tools you need should your pet suffer a cut pad or some other mishap. It’s better to be prepared than to be stuck in some beautiful but remote spot trying to make do with what you have. As a rule, I always bring a small amount of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for dogs, and a supply of sodium bismuth tablets for tummy troubles. Click here for a great first aid kit.

Aluminet Shade Cloth

Aluminet shade cloth is a specially woven cloth woven from shiny aluminum-like strands that reflect heat but allow cooled air to pass through. It reduces the temperature under it by 5 to 10 degrees. While this isn’t going to allow you to leave a pet safely in your RV on a hot day, it can provide vital shade outdoors. Aluminet cloth can be strung up over top of your vehicle or from an awning. It makes life just a little more bearable in the heat of summer. I highly recommend this if you travel with dogs in any vehicle. Click here to find the aluminet shade cloth that I use.

Exercise Pen Fencing

Exercise pens are hinged together mini-fence panels that can be attached at either end to other fence panels or objects. They provide most dogs with a good sized, fairly secure fenced yard where they can hang out or play with their humans. They also save the worry of dogs bolting out the RV door and escaping. Exercise pens come in different heights and styles. Weight conscious RVers will want to opt for wire exercise pen fencing, but other RVers may prefer other styles. Click here and start collecting today!

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Knot A Hitch Dog Tie Out System

If we’re only staying somewhere for a few days, it’s a hassle to set up the exercise pen fencing system. I found a fantastic solution for keeping the dogs safe and secure while allowing them a little outdoor freedom. The Knot-A-Hitch System is another brilliant product I love from Ruffwear Performance Dog Gear. It comes with everything you need to quickly set up a safe and secure dog run, and everything packs into an easy to stash pouch. It’s way easier to set up and take down than any other system I know of. Click here to get a Knot-A-Hitch system.

ID Tags

It makes sense to have at least one ID tag on your dog before you leave home with him. Having 2 is an even better idea. Why, you ask? Well, one tag can have your cell phone number, and a second writable tag, can have your campground and campsite. That way, if you can’t be reached by phone, at least whoever finds your lost dog will know where he belongs.

Meet Your Dog’s Mental And Physical Needs

Dogs need mental enrichment and physical exercise. This doesn’t stop when we’re on the road. Dogs tend to get into trouble when you don’t meet their needs. Bored dogs get destructive, and spend a lot of time looking for things to bark at. You can avoid a lot of behaviour problems when you give your dog what they need, both mentally and physically We always try to get to a fenced off leash area every day or two when we’re on the road. Pointers need a chance to run, and this gives them a chance to run off steam. If there are other dogs, we’re pretty careful about which ones they play with. Not all dogs in off leash dog areas should be there. But that’s another story.

While going to fenced off leash areas helps the dogs to burn off energy, they still need interaction and games to help meet their need for mental enrichment. Here are some great products we’ve found for keeping dogs mentally busy and physically busy.

Chewable toys

Chewable toys are toys that dogs are allowed to chew. They’re usually okay to consume too. Many dogs appreciate having some “legal” chewables as a means of self soothing and just working away at a “project”. Bully sticks, chew hooves, and Himalayan yak cheese chews all work well when we’re traveling in the RV. Click here to order some awesome bully chews for your dog.

Snuffle Mat

If you feed your dog kibble, feeding him from a snuffle mat will be entertaining and fun for him. Snuffle mats have another cool benefit too: Sniffing and finding food is calming for dogs, and repeatedly rewards them for a self-calming behaviour. The end result is that your dog becomes happier, calmer and more relaxed, which is always a big bonus when you’re camping or on the road in your RV. Click here to get the one Jolene and Annabelle love the most.

This package of rope toys is a fantastic deal at 34.99. Photo from Amazon

Tug toys

Playing tug and release with your dog can be a super fun game that provides exercise that’s suitable for a small space. Tug toys can range from elaborate to a simple knotted rope. Click here for a package of rope toys from Amazon that’s a sweet deal.

Squeaky plush dog toys provide hours of entertainment for many dogs. Photo from Amazon

Squeaky plush toy

For play value, nothing beats squeaky plush toys. Many dogs will self entertain for ages with these, throwing, pouncing and just carrying them around. Click here to get some for your dog!

Pet Safe Treat and Train on white background
Petsafe Treat and Train. Photo from Amazon

Petsafe Treat And Train

My dogs love the Petsafe Treat and Train. Using it requires some training. However, this customizable and interactive electronic toy comes with a step-by step user’s manual that makes it easy to get started. The Treat and Train dispenses food when the dog performs a behaviour via either an auto setting or a remote control. We won’t travel without this device. Click here to get one for your RV adventures with your dog.

Conclusion: These Dog Accessories Are A Gateway

As a committed dog geek, my dogs have way more gear than most dogs, and far more than is listed here. However, these dog accessories for RV road trips are a gateway that will get you and your furry bestie started on a lifetime of happy RV memories.

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