The New RV Adventure That Almost Didn’t Happen

New Adventures In A New RV

Ever have something new that you never did before, that you were really nervous to try? That was me this morning while I was still lying in bed. Iwas thinking about what my planned RV trip to Port Hardy, BC would be like. Let me start by saying that I’ve known I was going to be teaching dog training classes in Port Hardy for a few months now.

I was worried about having Annabelle and Jolene with me. They often help demonstrate for classes, and I need them as helpers. However, having them mostly waiting in the Xterra for hours was not something I wanted. Driving the motorhome up was the perfect solution. Because then they could be at home in air conditioned comfort if it got hot. One problem. I’ve never really driven my 33 foot motorhome before. The thought terrified me this morning in my waking hours.

A Rough Start

However, I knew it was the only practical way I could teach classes in one of Vancouver Island’s most beautiful areas. And anyway, I had to practice driving the rig at some point. I also needed to find the motorhome’s deficiencies before I left on my cross-Canada-through the US journey. And there was no way around it. So I got the rig ready. I love the motorhome for the fact that, aside from driving it, going anywhere is no big deal. Unlike a travel trailer, when you want to go, you just unplug from power, make sure nothing’s going to fly around, bring the leveling jacks up, and bring the slides in. And you’re ready to go.

Once I’d accepted the fact I’d be driving the motorhome today, I set about preparing to leave. Slides in. Check. Auto leveling Jacks up. Nope. We have a problem. After reading and re-reading the manual for the system, I managed to use an emergency procedure to retract each jack. But it still wasn’t working correctly. I needed the expert help of an RV tech, so off to the RV dealer we went.

The tech got no further ahead with the problem. They very generously fit it into their schedule next week for the work. However, I’d just have to find a flat spot to spend the night. And so it was.

I drove the journey to Port Hardy in two legs, stopping at a rest area near Robert’s Lake on the way. All the way, I took my time. I had my heart in my mouth as I left Campbell River, and pumping proudly back in my my chest as I pulled into the resort in Port Hardy. I did it. The only flaw was a missing hubcap when I arrived. However, that’s kind of what adventures are about, don’t you think?

Have you ever had something you were afraid to do, but you did it anyway? Let us know in the comments below!

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