The End Of My RPod Adventure

The End Of My RPod Adventure

I’m writing this from the cozy warmth of a cottage on Saratoga Beach on the East coast of Vancouver Island. Snow is falling outside. A cold, wild wind is causing fir trees to sway. They are waving their snowy branches in front of the white-paned window of this little house. Waves are roaring and crashing against the sandy beach nearby. There’s a flock of red-beaked Oyster catchers hustling its way methodically up the beach. The black birds rummage for crustaceans and other delicate morsels left behind by the surf. I’m not uneasy in my new digs. After all, it’s the first time in years that I’ve stayed in any form of a house. At least one that doesn’t roll away when I tire of being rooted. The Rpod was my amazing home for 4 years.

Change Happens Fast

I got a phone call last Friday, from a confused RV transport driver. With nothing else by way of introduction: ” Please make sure the papers are all in order for the trailer I’m picking up in Black Creek this time”. I was even more confused than he was. Like, what?! I stammered, “Pardon?” After a brief introduction, it was perfectly clear that the driver was on his way and would arrive on Monday morning. That gave me 2 days to get absolutely everything in the RV packed into plastic totes and stored, get the tanks emptied, and get the whole RV lovingly scrubbed from top to bottom. Oh yeah, and then I would also need to find a place to reside before Monday rolled it’s bloodshot eyes open.

I got the Arfpod ready to go. After I took the the posters down, removed my stuff as well all the accoutrements of art, it was no longer my place. It had been quickly transformed into the blank canvas it once was for someone else to find their dreams in. I moved into a little cottage at a beach resort nearby as temporary digs.

Goodbye, Little Arfpod

The Arfpod was picked up rather suddenly last Monday by a bearded RV transport driver. He’d come all the way from Iowa to do the honor of dragging my little home all the way back to the factory in Oregon. In case you haven’t been following the Saga of the Rpod’s sagging wall: I’ll refer you back to the story here. Anyway, the warranty people at Forest River assured me that the little rPod will be gone for around 1-2 months.

Beginning A New Adventure

I decided to upgrade to a self contained motorhome that will give us more space and allow for quicker, hassle-free departures. I am currently watching the snowfall as I await its arrival. Stay tuned folks.

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