A birds eye view

Photo by Ruvim Miksanskiy on Pexels.com

No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another“~Amelia Earhart

So it is a month today, since I began this little adventure. Life has flown around like-well, let’s just say like a newspaper on a windy day. However, it’s still a pretty good life and is actually the only one I’m bound to lead. We’ve had some cold weather, some wet weather, some warm weather and tonight it’s raining. The one thing I am still working on is maintaining a pretty low humidity level in the Pod. In spite of the dehumidifier’s valiant efforts, I am wiping the walls and windows down every morning. It’s really amazing how much water we produce just by breathing. I think I have it nearly solved. I am going to add some desiccant packets and see just what happens.

So, Kennel cough has been going around the local towns for about 3 months now. There isn’t really anything that can be done for it. The kennel cough vaccine doesn’t have any effect on the particular virus that is causing it this time around. I got a phone call from a client 3 weeks ago that said her dog had it. “Oh boy, here we go” I thought. I knew from past experience it would either spread like wildfire through my pack. Or else it would pass us by for no known reason. A week later, Annie, my Boss Kennels pointer began to cough. Cough suppressants helped and it was pretty mild really, so we let it ride it’s course for a week and it was gone. According to my calculations, Annie wasn’t supposed to come into heat until January, and yet here she is, wearing velcro panties with liners that were priced like a Fredrick’s of Hollywood panty set. We’ll just ride this out for another week….or two…

Today I took my lunch down to the beach and had myself a little picnik there. A lonely seagull arrived and landed about ten feet in front of me and looked up directly into my eyes, quizzically, like a Dickensian orphan bird. I thought I saw him limp a little. Suddenly I realized didn’t need an entire sandwich. I tore a piece of the brown whole wheat crust off, and tossed it toward him. He quickly scooped it up in that moment, the sky became alive with glaucous winged gulls, calling and soaring and diving greedily at the place where their scout bird swallowed his bit of crust. I had summoned a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie with just a crust of bread. Apparently that’s one of my super powers now.

Life has flown around-well, like a newspaper on a windy day. However, it’s still a pretty good life and is actually the only one I’m bound to lead.

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  1. I want the 13×13 print of frolicking Jolene and a coffee mug too! How can I pay you? etransfer is best for me!!
    I love this painting and hope you continue your journal. It is a great read Lynne.

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