Vegan Banana Walnut Muffins

Banana walnut muffins in fresh from the oven in muffin tin
These vegan banana walnut muffins are easy to bake!

These Vegan Banana Walnut Muffins Are Delicious And Easy To Make In A Hurry

It’s a bright, beautiful morning here at Spruce Woods Provincial  Park.  I am going to cross the border today, and I can’t bring any fresh produce. But I still have a ton of bananas, plums avocados (and one potato) to eat, throw out, or process into something other than produce. Well, it turns out I have a real problem with throwing food out when it is still perfect. So I very cleverly made the avocados into guacamole, and I cooked my last potato.   Also, in between eating plums, I made most  of the bananas into the best banana walnut muffins ever.  

 Cell service is really bad here and I barely have internet so  I couldn’t access a recipes.  Well, I decided to wing it anyway.  I’m glad to say they turned out really great. Moist, flavourful, nutty and nutritious- what more could I ask for? These muffins are so tasty, you’ll want to make them for an every day breakfast treat.

What’s more is that you can make them in one bowl, and one large cup muffin pan so the mess factor is very low with this recipe. However, if all you have are smaller muffin tins, you can use those instead and adjust the bake time.

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