Leaving Winnipeg, Heading For Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Hitting The Road Again- Away We Go!

I’ve been struggling with the thought of hitting the road again.  Especially to make a forray down to the US.  At least part of this is the thought of crossing the border with my dogs.  It’s just a lot easier not to.  But especially because I recently got too wide-eyed on a trip to the Co-op food store near the campground and bought bananas, a watermelon (I was craving watermelon at the time) and a basket of prune plums. I get nostalgic about prune plums this time of year. They’re a special once a year treat that I just couldn’t resist.

However, in hindsight of my fruit-buying orgy, I realized I can’t bring any fresh produce across the border into the US.  just a few days. The watermelon’s gone already. Of course it is.  But I still have to eat about 18 plums and 6 bananas, and 8 avacados to eat in the next few days. 


Time to Get Going

It’s time to get going somewhere.  Enough stagnating in Winnipeg, injured and without a vehicle.  It’s actually starting to get depressing.  So I decided to check out Spruce Woods Provincial Park near Glenboro.  As an added bonus, it’s fairly close to the North Dakota border.   So I can cross the border via Highway 5.  It’ll go smoothly because there won’t be any lineups.  Those could be famous last words though.  We’ll see.  

Camping At Spruce Woods Provincial Park

Spruce Woods Provincial Park has miles of easy walking trails and beaches along a narrow strip of a lake.  Trails are surrounded with an understory of poison ivy but there are also abundant wild grapes there. The lake has a wonderful sandy dog beach, where Jolene was absolutely delighted to take a swim while Annabelle sought out birds and rats along the shore.  Our treed campsite was large, with lots of privacy. One of the great things about fall camping in Manitoba is that there are no bugs!I loved that there were two trees that were perfectly situated for hanging a hammock. If I were staying longer, I might have done that.

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