New Adventures In A Class A RV

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‘’Then one day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you.’’ – Ewan Mcgregor Photo from

About My New Class A RV

I never thought I would consider living in a Class A RV. Class As are giant, bus-like RVs with the cab over the engine, or at the back of the RV. They are huge, and appointed with luxuries like comfortable seating, amazing kitchens and more. However, one day in the middle of February, I got a phone call that went something like this: An male voice with a deep southern american accent demanded “Do you have the paperwork for that rig in Black Creek so I can get it across the border this time?” That was my hint that the driver of the RV transport team was well on his way to picking up the Rpod from my spot in Black Creek. I had two days to pack up the amazing amount of stuff that will fit into a little Rpod 180 and find a place to put it and a spot to stay, at least until I could pick up my new home on wheels.

Helen graciously let me store my crates of stuff in a dry crawlspace under her home. I wound up staying in an adorable and cozy beach cottage at Island Silver Sands Resort on Saratoga Beach while my new home was being readied at the local RV dealer’s.

A Flyer for the Fleetwood Southwind Class A RV

A New Home On Wheels

Let me tell you about my newest home on wheels. When the RPod was recalled for service, it made sense to upgrade to a larger RV. The open road is addicting. After 4 years of nomadic living, I still have no desire to stay rooted in the same place, As a matter of fact, having a comfortable home on wheels to travel wherever I want to go, and explore new places is now an essential part of my lifestyle. However, an Rpod is not meant to be a long term home. I now know living in a lovely little travel trailer is doable and very fun. However, I want space to stretch out, and importantly, a range of comfortable seating and sleeping options for my two travelling companions. I needed something bigger and more suited to a mobile life. A Class A RV would give me every luxury available in an apartment, but would have the ability to go to everywhere I want to explore.

A Class A Motorhome

With the advice of my friend and fellow RV fanatic, Duane Lipham, from RV Inspection and Care, I decided to get a high quality, older motorhome with low km. The problem with most RVs is that since the recession of 2008, manufacturers have been using cheaper and crappier parts. I wanted a robust motorhome that would stand up to the rigors of both full time living and frequent travel. So an older, high quality RV seemed to make sense. I looked at a few, but they all had more mileage or wear than I was comfortable with. I considered many across the border in the US. That’s because there are many more RVs for sale in the US than there are in Canada. And then I found a gorgeous low mileage, 2008 Fleetwood Southwind at the lot of a local RV dealer. Of course, the rig needed some odds and ends fixed before I could even consider buying it as a homebase for my journeys but it was in good shape overall.

Driving A Big Rig

The Southwind is 33 feet long and almost 13 feet high. There’s no doubt that it’s a behemoth that takes up an entire lane. Driving it will take some getting used to. However, it can’t be any worse than driving a school bus or a firetruck….stay tuned folks.

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  1. Congrats I love your attitude……You will be fine driving your new home….From a brit who used to drive a 44 ft Home on wheels.

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