mount rushmore

Mount Rushmore: Towering Over Indigenous America

South Dakota Before Mount Rushmore Did I mention South Dakota has enough roadside attractions to keep you in the state for at least busy few weeks. Including Mount Rushmore, the famous national monument in the Black Hills. Recently, I’ve been contemplating what exactly happened to the North America’s Indigenous peoples, who lived in a spiritual …

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RV Life Challenges: Parts One And Two

Always Have A Backup Plan To Keep RV Challenges From Turning Into Disasters The last week was going along just fine as I prepared for annual seasonal travel across Canada. I planned to pay my host to store the xTerra this year. We agreed on an amount of $50 per month, which is the going …

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brown mushrooms in stainless steel bowl

Chanterelle Mushrooms Pasta Sauce

Chanterelle mushroom season is upon us here on Vancouver Island. That means I am taking my travelling companions into the forest to reap this golden chanterelle bounty. If you need help identifying chanterelles, click here for a great article. You should always double check with someone in the know if you aren’t 100% sure. You …

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Bannock: The Best Recipe Ever

Are you ready to have something better than bread for breakfast or a sandwich?   When you are camping do you want to feed your kids something more nutritious than a hotdog or marshmallow, that can be roasted on a stick or even in a pie iron over a campfire?  Well, don’t panic, there’s bannock! 

Stuff: A Paradox In Drayton Valley

“The robb’d that smiles, steals something from the thief; He robs himself that spends a bootless grief.” William Shakespeare, Othello Stuff: A paradox in Drayton Valley When I started this journey a year and a half ago, I did so with the idea that RV living would be a temporary adventure until I found a …

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Travel Planning: Preparing for take-off

Travel between health districts is banned in BC for now. With Covid cases rocketing across the prairies, and only a handful here on the island, it seems prudent to stay put. Here in the sun. On a beach. On the East coast of Vancouver Island. While I miss little George, wee Stella, and the kids, …

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