Saskatchewan Camping: 3 Amazing RV Campgrounds

Borden Bridge Regional Park, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is probably the last province you think of when it comes to truly great RV camping. This is probably thanks to the flat, endless, boring views afforded from the main routes across the province. Saskatchewan actually has some of the most amazing campgrounds I have stayed at. A lot of these are regional campgrounds, run by the towns they are near. As far as I’m concerned, Saskatchewan camping is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets, whether you are looking for an RV campsite for destination camping or for a nice spot to stay overnight on a road trip.

Why you need to get off the beaten track (a bit)

Lynne and a Red River Cart
Lynne and a Red River Cart- the preferred method of prairie transportation before 1900.

Saskatchewan is not an endless expanse of vast, empty spaces. But you’ll need to get off of Trans-canada Highway 1 and Highway 16 to really see the province in all it’s undulating glory. Don’t worry, the condition of the lesser travelled highways that I drove this year was nothing short of excellent. In the last few years, Saskatchewan has poured money into it”s highway system. The less frequented highways were in better condition than Transcanada Highway 1 or Highway 16. From what I saw on my travels this year, Saskatchewan highways are the best in Western Canada, with many wonderful little campgrounds in the Regional parks.

If you are crossing through Saskatchewan, I highly recommend trying a route that includes Highway 4, Highway 44, Highway 15 or Highway 11 for the often jaw-dropping scenery and friendly small towns along the way. After all, life is all about adventure.

4 RV Campgrounds in Saskatchewan You’ll Love

It was really hard to narrow it down to just 3. I should add that regional campgrounds are all around $30-$35 per night with water and 30 amp power. Saskatchewan Provincial campgrounds are around $40 per night with power only. Here are the criteria I used when I finally decided on which 3 campgrounds to include:

  • Proximity to main highways
  • Scenery including wildlife viewing
  • Amazing night skies
  • Friendliness
  • Clean
  • Dog Friendly
  • SIte set up and general vibe
  • Activities that include dogs

Without further ado, here are the 3 campgrounds we loved in Saskatchewan (not in any particular order).

Saskatchewan RV Campground #1: Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park

Drive between Swift Current Saskatchewan and Battleford on scenic Saskatchewan Highway 4 and you will find historic Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. Driving North from Swift Current, you will see a huge mansion built from river rocks on the left just as you come into the park. It’s worth stopping and exploring this unique, beautifully constructed building. Cross the bridge and turn right, and you will come upon an expansive campground, with campsites near the water, and up the side of the valley the campground nestles in. There are plenty of trees throughout the property, but they become more sparse on the hillside, which offers trails through prickly pear cactus, and overlooking ancient Red River Wagon ruts.

There is river access in the treed campsite area close to the water.

Saskatchewan Campground #2: Craik Regional Park

Craik Regional Park is located close to the very scenic Louis Riel Trail Highway 11. Like Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, this little campground is located in a valley. But this little valley is lush with Native Prairie grass, instead of the arid topography of Saskatchewan Landing. The park itself is well treed, and campsites are spacious, each with the usual firepit and picnic table. For $5 the friendly crew that runs the park will deliver a generous supply of nice, dry firewood, including kindling and even birch bark to get your fire started,

There are kilometers of trails to explore as you observe Cranes, Hawks and other wildlife. At night the sky is covered in an amazing blanket of stars and you can listen to the yips and howls of the local coyotes singing to each other. There is even a small dugout cabin and barn at the top of a hill overlooking the campground that you can go into and explore. Be sure to look for the ancient wagon ruts made across the prairie by the wheels Red River carts as homesteaders moved across the west. Across the road from the campground, you can find more trails, and a botanical garden.

Craik Regional campground is a unique spot, not to be missed on a journey across Canada

Saskatchewan Campground #3-Fieldstone Campground and RV Park

Fieldstone Campground and RV Park is situated along Trans-Canada Highway 1 near the town of Moosomin. The town of Moosomin has it’s own amazing regional park right on Moosomin lake. However, it is about 15 minutes drive down gravel roads. The regional park has a lot of activities for families. I was put off of camping there by signs that warned that any barking by the dogs would result in them having to leave. While the Arfpod gang is quiet generally, I can’t expect any of them to never bark. So, with that we were off to Fieldstone Campground and RV park, where we spent the night.

Fieldstone Campground and RV Park is a really nice campground, that is about 5 minutes from the Highway, so no matter what, there is noise from Highway 1. The park has enough amenities to make it a pleasant stay for anyone looking for a super private campsite.

First off, every one of this campground’s spacious, fully serviced campsites are pull-alongside, which means no backing in! Plus, the campsites are designed so the RV provides privacy by being parked across the front of the campsite. By the time we arrived from our jaunt out to Moosomin Regional Park, it was dark, so this ingenious campsite design was way more than welcome. Nobody really likes backing a trailer at night.

Now for the amenities: There were some nice trails cut through a pretty meadow. They made for a nice meander with the doggies. For those who travel with children, there is a decent playground, and a dugout swimming pond, complete with water features that make it into a fun water-park.

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