Week 3 Without Facebook

Week 3 Without Facebook

I quit Facebook almost 3 weeks ago, as a temporary measure after 15 years to save my sanity when Russia went blitzkrieg on Ukraine. I continue to find life without Facebook just fine, so I will continue for longer out of Meta’s insatiable grip.

It’s been 3 years since I settled into life in the Arfpod. Well, to be honest – I only decided to keep living in the Arfpod two years ago. The Arfpod is a micro-condo on wheels, without much room for stuff. What it lacks in the ability to store accumulated, various and sordid souvenirs of the road of life, it makes up for in the freedom to move and live exactly wherever I wish. It’s a freedom that I still cherish, after 3 years. Who knows what the future will hold, but for now, Arfpod houses my life perfectly.

Since the beginning of our life on wheels, there has been a global pandemic and what I am convinced is the start of WW3 with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.. But here by the ocean, aside from the occasional fighter jets and various other military machines in the air, I could easily forget.


For now, we spend winters sheltered in between a grove of tall fir trees and overlooking a wide view across the ocean to snow capped mountains on the other side. We have been watching with fascination as a lone eagle who perches above my trailer has met a mate, courted in an amazing aerial display, had sex (apparently eagles aren’t very modest) with his/her chosen one. This last week, the happy couple has been gathering driftwood from the beach to build a nest somewhere. I am not even sure the nest is on this side of the water, but they have been hard at construction work.

The Eagle Family

There is another family of eagles nearby. There seems to be 5 members in this group. The 2 adults and 3 juveniles came flying across the water in a noisy squadron. They were hard to miss as the adults and teens descended into the tree branches. Pretty soon they were off again. The family swooped down to the beach as one juvenile snagged a gull. Much to the parent’s obvious delight. The whole brood flew to distant trees presumably to devour the feast.

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