I have been a dog trainer, artist, performer and firefighter for most of my life. I strongly believe in weighing odds, and taking adventures, being kind to animals and people, and having faith in one's own abilities. I believe Canadians are the luckiest people on earth, in spite of some baffling governments we have had and aside from the winters, which actually aren't so bad if we learn to dress for and embrace the weather. I still love catching air on my mountain bike. And I still hate hitting the ground hard. I love dogs. No I mean, I really love them. I have trained dogs professionally since 1995, and have devoted my life to making their lives better and creating pathways to understanding between humans and dogs. I also love art. And most people, if they love dogs.

Stuff: A Paradox In Drayton Valley

“The robb’d that smiles, steals something from the thief; He robs himself that spends a bootless grief.” William Shakespeare, Othello Stuff: A paradox in Drayton Valley When I started this journey a year and a half ago, I did so with the idea that RV living would be a temporary adventure until I found a …

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Wapiti Campground Jasper National Park

Too Hot: Out Of the frying pan, And into Jasper

“When even shadows need shadows to cool off, you must know that the weather is incredibly hot!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan Heat Wave The record heat wave the West was experiencing brought blistering heat here and everywhere else in the Western region of Canada. We had narrowly escaped the 42-degree heat of Blue River, and continued …

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BC Highway 1-Juniper Beach

Juniper Beach: An oasis for Travellers in troubled Times

The joys of travelling on Highway 1 through BC This year, I decided to travel an easier highway than the Coquihalla. We traveled through the start of a heat wave on scenic BC Highway 1, through the beautiful Marble Canyon provincial park. I loved this route. It was gorgeous in it’s barren landscapes dotted with …

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RV Maintenance: KeepinG the Good Times Rolling

RV Maintenance There are many things I don’t miss about living in a sticks and bricks house. Not the least of these is the endless, never ending list of house maintenance chores. Because of this list, I don’t think I ever sat and just relaxed in my house like I do both in and out …

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woman looking at the map

Travel Planning: Preparing for take-off

Travel between health districts is banned in BC for now. With Covid cases rocketing across the prairies, and only a handful here on the island, it seems prudent to stay put. Here in the sun. On a beach. On the East coast of Vancouver Island. While I miss little George, wee Stella, and the kids, …

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Saskatchewan Crossing

Sad Goodbyes & Travel on hold

The saddest days come when we inevitably say goodby to friends, whether they are two-legged or four-legged. Today was one such day. Days like these are filled with reflections and gratitude for having been graced with such beauty in the rear view mirror of our lives. Aside from my own dogs, there are two dogs …

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RV Kitchen Gadgets that make camp meals wonderful

RV Kitchen Gadgets That Make Camp Meals Wonderful

RV Kitchen Gadgets that Make Camp Meals Wonderful: My 3 Favourites Not gonna lie: Cooking in the small space of the Arfpod can be a challenge at times. I think with the propane stove top in the closed position, I have all of 3 feet of counter space to prepare meals. Plus the table. But …

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RV Nomad: A Home, Wherever I Roam

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,Gang aft agley. Robert Burns, Collected Poems of Robert Burns When I began this blog, I was planning to live in the Arfpod for 6 months. Maybe even 8 months. RV nomad? Nah, I would just have fun for a few months. I would dabble in the full …

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Rediscovering Alberta

“ I saw in their eyes something I was to see over and over in every part of the nation–a burning desire to go, to move, to get under way, anyplace, away from any here… nearly every American hungers to move.” – John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America I gave the prairies …

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“Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. It is up to you to give life a meaning.”― Jean-Paul Sartre Manitoba: Friendly People and Bountiful Fields I can’t believe I missed writing about Manitoba. It’s an amazing place that is kind of a bridge between …

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