I Sought Answers To A Burning Question

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Off To The RV Doctor

When I was camped at Red Trail Winery in North Dakota, the smell of burning wires in the bedroom of the RV was pretty unnerving ,. Even though I have a full complement of electrical tools including a multimeter and other electrical testers, I didn’t feel confident searching for the source of my obvious electrical problem myself. I don’t know why. I’ve installed appliances and wiring in houses, but somehow tracking down the cause of an overheated wire that could burn my RV down in minutes was intimidating. Whatever my hangups were, I had to get this checked out by a professional RV technician. I read through reviews with nothing but good things to say about the Camping World technicians in nearby West Fargo, North Dakota. So I took my Daisy Mae there.

Fast Service Was A Relief

The supervisor was nice enough to fit us in right away. So I left the RV in the service department’s hands and Annie, Jolene, and I set off to wander endlessly around the huge Camping World store. It was kind of like being a kid in a candy store. Except I’ve been on a pretty strict budget- one that was about to get blown by some expensive electrical repair. So we got out of there with my wallet relatively unscathed, other than picking up an RV surge protector.

I braced myself for the worst as I went back to the service shop/. After spending an hour looking for the problem, the tech came back and said the problem seemed to have cleared itself up. I was confused because the burning, acrid smell still clung to the air at the back of the RV. I asked if he’d pulled the cover off the breaker panel, which happens to be located in the master bedroom. He said he had, and that it could be a bad transfer switch, or bad wiring at the winery, but everything was fine for the time being.

4e winery sign with rainbow flag in background

4 E Winery

I spent the night at another gorgeous winery called 4 E Winery. After an arduous day, I was glad to end it sipping a few fruit wines. As it turned out 4E had many more than a few fruit wines. I tried to curb my enthusiasm just a little as I sampled about 16 different fruit wines, rhubarb wines, grape wines, and flower wines. Oh, they were all so delicious. Choosing just one to come home with was a lot like picking out a puppy from a litter. In the end I had to admit to myself that I’d love whichever one I picked. So I chose a dry, refreshing rhubarb wine. I was almost giddy as I checked out 4E’s actual, real-life, vegan menu. It had so many yummy-looking options that I sat transfixed by the menu for a long time before I finally ordered their amazing seitan sandwich.

Blackboard with 4E Winery Menu In North Dakota
rv parked in a field at 4 E Winery in North Dakota

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