Alberta Camping: Canada’s Best Kept Secret?

Alberta Camping: Canada’s Best Kept Secret?

One of the best parts about traveling in an RV is being able to visit friends and family. Having you as a guest is easy because you bring your own guesthouse. I have to say, the new Fleetwood Southwind has allowed me to do just that very comfortably so far. This week I was able to enjoy self contained luxury when I visited relatives in Edmonton, Alberta. All I had to do was pop out the passenger side bedroom. And then Boom! The RV was comfortable and well-equipped to do some serious streetside camping. (haha). But this article isn’t just about visiting people in your RV. I want to share some of the reasons I love Alberta.

Today started with a beautiful July morning. I write this as I wait for my coffee to percolate in the espresso maker on the gas stove. I’ll head back down to Drayton Valley today and I always like to drive with a beverage close at hand. That’s a habit I got into years ago as I traveled around for work. I think Alberta is a massively underrated province as an RV destination. It’s a pretty province and this time of year it’s bursting with canary yellow fields of canola and hay crops grown mainly as winter feed for cattle and horses. The fields stretch out for miles. They’re nearly always bordered by pretty windbreaks of spruce, or quaking aspen.

Alberta’s Rocky Mountain parks, Jasper National Park and Banff National Park are famous around the world for their scenic beauty in a natural setting. So much so that the areas attract millions of visitors every summer., Which is fine if you like crowds. However, like many Canadians I don’t like visiting crowded parks. Instead, when I’m not visiting relatives or friends, I seek out quiet places to camp, write, and recreate with my dogs.

This year I discovered Preacher’s Point North, tucked between Abraham Lake and Highway 11 just North of Banff. It’s about 80 km West of the little town of Nordegg, Alberta. This place is quiet, hugely scenic and what’s more, it’s free to camp here. However, don’t expect any services if you go. You’ll need to bring water, firewood and a picnic table. Of course, if you want it to stay as nice as you found it, you’ll also need to pack out everything you bring here. The campsites are huge, mostly private, and each has a stacked rock fire pit.

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