Camping On Vancouver Island North: Cluxewe, Where The RIver Meets The Sea

Wild roses in front of the river estuary at CLuxewe RV Resort

The Magic Of Cluxewe, On Vancouver Island North

I am perched at a campsite near the ocean at a place the Kwakiutl people call Cluxewe (Clook-sea-we) RV Resort on Vancouver Island. This gorgeous oceanfront resort at Vancouver Island’s northern tip is run by the local Kwakiutl people. The name Cluxewe means “where the river meets the sea” in the Kwakiutl language. But to many people, this place is much more than that. It’s a place of renewal and refreshment. It’s a place where they can camp at an oceanfront campsite and relax. Imagine watching whales and dolphins, and cruise ships traveling through the Broughton Straight right from your campsite! People who come from all over the world to stay here and find peace and wonder within themselves. Today I’m mostly inside, contentedly listening to peaceful drops of rain on the roof of this new RV I call “Sweet Daisy Mae”.

Cluxewe resort with welcome totem

Yay! It’s Raining On Northern Vancouver Island!

I was so happy to feel rain drops today. Rain is such a welcome relief right now because the dust-dry forests that surround me and everyone else represent a very real fire-danger. Especially with the coming up camping season. I only had one campfire here before the fire service banned campfires in the Coastal Fire Centre Region. BC’s wildfire management service is divided into 6 regions. Each of them declares the level of fire danger, according to temperature, windspeed and humidity levels. When there is a combination of 30 degree temperature, 30 kmph winds, and 30% humidity, they ban all fires because the danger is too extreme. Meaning a fire can easily start from a small spark. With that being said, rainfall is a big relief. All fire services on Vancouver Island (and the people they serve) have been on edge with the lack of rainfall this year.

Vancouver Island is a big island. However, water is a precious resource here. In spite of being surrounded by salt water, there is limited water here that can be used to fight forest fires. That’s because salt water is damaging to firefighting equipment. The fire service depends on freshwater supplies to fight fires and being on an island means we depend on rainfall to replenish water tables and groundwater supplies. So rain is always a good thing. Two big wildfires are currently burning down island. Smoke driven by recent Northwest winds are stirring up consternation and conjecture amongst all the pundits of Facebook.

wild roses with the Pacific Ocean in the background
Wild roses and ocean beaches abound at Cluxewe Resort on Vancouver Island, North

Cluxewe Resort Is Vancouver Island At It’s Best

Cluxewe RV Resort is one of the nicest resorts we’ve stayed at in terms of sheer natural beauty and friendliness. There are many campsites (including some full service ones) right on the beach. I chose one that’s nestled on the estuary in a hedge of broad leaved thimbleberry shrubs and Alder trees. Crows, rock doves, robins and eagles are keeping Annie and Jolene’s bird dog instincts sharp as they investigate our campsite. That also means every walk on the roads and trails that traverse this park are punctuated by stops with both dogs transfixed on a bird.

I like it because it gives me a chance to slow down, and enjoy my amazing surroundings whether we’re at a beach or on a woodland trail. By following my dogs’ points, I sometimes get to see birds I wouldn’t even notice on my own. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that every birdwatcher should have at least one pointer! Haha!

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  1. WOW took a look at the campground and the surrounding area…..Beautiful place…Greetings from Southern California.

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