RV Life Challenges: Parts One And Two

Always Have A Backup Plan To Keep RV Challenges From Turning Into Disasters

The last week was going along just fine as I prepared for annual seasonal travel across Canada. I planned to pay my host to store the xTerra this year. We agreed on an amount of $50 per month, which is the going rate. I made a point of asking her every week if it was still on. She had been enthusiastic about the idea until Monday night, right before I was leaving.

Helen explained that Blue would be in her son’s way when he came to visit for a few days at the end of June. That being said, the driveway is huge, and the spot we’d picked was out of the way. However, it was important to have Blue gone for the summer, so I didn’t argue with her. Luckily, I had looked into other options just in case. I already had a “Plan B” already lined up. I quickly arranged to store my beloved Blue in a nearby storage yard. A wonderful friend Wayne agreed to pick me up from the storage facility. Which is lucky, because in our rural area, if you don’t have your own transportation, you’re walking or riding a bike.

Surprises In Store

While I waited for Wayne to arrive, I found the invoice for storage in my emsil. It was a whopping $90, instead of the $50 they’d originally quoted me. I reached out to the storage place to find out why there was a $40 discrepancy. They weren’t answering calls, emails or texts. Wayne has acreage, and was happy to offer a place to keep Blue for the next 6 months. When Blue was finally nestled in safely, I went to get the RV ready to go.

Helen called and instructed me to cancel whatever plans I had because she wanted to have a discussion about the future with her next door neighbour, Bert and I. Now, Bert and I get along well, but I could tell by the urgent tone of her voice that Helen had something important to say. So I agreed to a quick meeting before I took off. It was already 5:30, and I’d be relying on the dying versions of daylight driving to Port McNeill. \

Why did Bert have to be involved? The answer was obvious. As her loyal friend, he was supposed to dissuade me with a superior male opinion if I refused to park where Helen’s son wanted. The thing is, that Helen’s son assumes I am destitute and living in a luxurious, home on wheels out of utter desperation and poverty. Neither Helen nor her family expect me to have the freedom choices that money affords us all. Observing how a person treats the “destitute’ will give you all you need to know about a person.

Another Bombshell At Home

Wayne dropped me off at the RV where the neighbour, Bert was busily taking measurements. Bert said “she wants you to park between the house and the trees”, and nodded toward a narrow driveway between some dying fir trees, and the side of the house. “

Months ago, Helen’s son had fervently insisted that Helen doesn’t need me there and wanted me to park my brand new motorhome in the black hole we were now looking at. I pointed out that if my RV would fit in the narrow spot, I would only be able to put one slide-out part way out and would have no cell reception. That means no wifi for me. “A hard no” I said. Bert looked at me and paused a second before he said, “I knew you’d say that. And I don’t blame you. Apparently she talked to her son yesterday and today and now she’s got a bee in her bonnet about making you park there”. He added, “I’ve told those kids how much you do for her and how much she needs to have you here just to be able to stay here.”


Sometimes A Shining Opportunity Comes In Ugly Packaging

We went indoors to meet with Helen, who said I would have to park beside the house when I returned and pay nearly double my present monthly rent. I told her I’d take a couple of weeks to think about it and get back to her. But I already knew my tenure at Helen’s lovely spot on the beach was finished. Whenever someone says “my way or the highway” , they usually don’t know that a wide open and amazing highway will probably be my preference. I’m never satisfied with one great place when there are so many great places in the world.

I am ready to travel further and live better than ever before. I will keep you, my dear readers informed of my version of life’s amazing possibilities when we let go to move forward.

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