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Mount Rushmore: Towering Over Indigenous America

South Dakota Before Mount Rushmore Did I mention South Dakota has enough roadside attractions to keep you in the state for at least busy few weeks. Including Mount Rushmore, the famous national monument in the Black Hills. Recently, I’ve been contemplating what exactly happened to the North America’s Indigenous peoples, who lived in a spiritual …

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Corn Palace, Mitchell South Dakota

South Dakota Sunny Side Up

Places, Spaces and and A Cathedral For Corn Daisy May devours the miles of highway eagerly as we travel along the Interstate. She’s built for this for sure. I am still buying time to decide on my destination for winter. Will I head to New Mexico and then Arizona? However, It’s still so blistering hot …

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South Dakota Bound

My Travel Plans Are Evolving… I left 4 E Winery after carefully reconsidering my plan to head down to Texas via Memphis for the winter. While I felt better after leaving Camping World, and even better after leaving the beautiful 4E Winery, the electrical issue was still not sitting right with me. I knew there …

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