I have been a dog trainer, artist, performer and firefighter for most of my life. I strongly believe in weighing odds, and taking adventures, being kind to animals and people, and having faith in one's own abilities. I believe Canadians are the luckiest people on earth, in spite of some baffling governments we have had and aside from the winters, which actually aren't so bad if we learn to dress for and embrace the weather. I still love catching air on my mountain bike. And I still hate hitting the ground hard. I love dogs. No I mean, I really love them. I have trained dogs professionally since 1995, and have devoted my life to making their lives better and creating pathways to understanding between humans and dogs. I also love art. And most people, if they love dogs.


About that pandemic: It’s been about 2 months of social distancing and isolation and waiting in long lines to get into stores on weekly grocery trips. A lot of otherwise intelligent people are starting to take conspiracy theories about Covid 19 seriously after watching a really shady, but professionally produced documentary called “Plandemic”.

Full time RV living: Small Spaces, Big Plans

“The rose Dawn might have found them weeping still had not grey-eyed Athena slowed the night when night was most profound, and held the Dawn under the Ocean of the East. That glossy team, Firebright and Daybright, the Dawn’s horses that draw her heavenward for men- Athena stayed their harnessing.” ― Homer, The Odyssey So, before I …

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