Forest River R-pod Chronicles – Waiting

Side view of a Nissan XTerra in front of the front of Forest River R-Pod with bikes on a bike rack at a beachfront campsite
All photos by Lynne Fedorick

Forest River R-pod Chronicles – Waiting

Well, my trusty Blue (the XTerra) hobbled all the way home like the champ she is. Lucky to have a brand new wheel bearing in just a few days on the little XTerra, it was now time to turn my focus on to the Arfpod, the Forest RIver R-Pod that is our home on wheels.

The Knights Of The Forest River Parts Department

I contacted Forest River asking for the parts I would need, presumably outriggers and suitable bolts to attach them to the frame under the driver’s side wall. The parts manager wanted photos. So I sent photos. The next day, I received the reply that they would need to ship my tiny home on wheels to it’s motherland in Oregon. They had to replace the axle, the frame and the chassis and repair the coach. They’ll transport the Arfpod to the Forest River factory in Oregon to do the work. I sat and read the email. Stunned.


Here are two photos that demonstrate the problem we are trying to fix. The driver’s side wall is slowly sinking.

Passenger side tire to fender
Driver’s side tire to fender

Outriggers: Our holy grail

Of course my natural reply to this clear misunderstanding was: “No, no, no… I actually just need outriggers- for the frame, so the wall will be supported.” It was about then that I realized I was talking to the warranty manager. I apologized for connecting with the wrong department and asked to be transferred to parts.

“Outriggers have to be shipped under my authority. And I’m not giving it” the Forest River warranty manager tersely replied. She explained to me that the Arfpod’s axle was installed over-torqued at Forest River’s Oregon plant, causing frame to bend and the wall to fall. Forest River would have my home picked up and transported to Oregon for a 3-5 week surgery.

So far, the Arfpod’s surgery is happening in March or April, which could be perfect timing for an extended state-side exploration. So we’re working out the details on that. I’ll keep you posted….

4 thoughts on “Forest River R-pod Chronicles – Waiting”

  1. While planning your trip to Oregon to get the Rpod fixed… be careful, they are made in Indiana.
    I have a 190 that is a victim of the sagging issue and was just picked up and delivered to Indiana, home of Forrest river and the Rpod.
    Mine is not the Hood River edition so the sag caused my tire to come in contact with the fender.
    I waited about 6 months to get to the top of the list for shipping and now am waiting the “6 to 8 weeks” for axle, floor, and outrigger replacement. Fingers crossed.
    Good luck.

    1. Thanks David,
      I am sorry you had to deal with this too. Mine can’t really be taken anywhere like it is. They are sending an RV transporter to get mine, and since it’s an HRE it will head to their Oregon manufacturing plant. They said they’d give me an appointment schedule in mid-January- so far nothing and no replies to email inquiries anymore either. They told me 3-5 weeks including transport. I love this little Rpod, but I am about done with dealing with Forest River. I am glad yours is on the mend.

  2. I love reading your adventures. I’m heading south at the end of this week. I’ll be living in my Travel Trailer for about 6 months. Such an exciting adventure for me, my Cavalier and 2 Borzoi. Thanks for sharing!!

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